About Us

The Cagle Family idea and concept started when Teresita Donner and I, Monte Cagle met in 1973 in the island of Puerto Rico. We were both working as missionararies. We became good friends and started singing and performing together part time as a duo to help support our volunteer mission work. Several years later we married while on furlo in Aruba a beautiful Dutch island in the Caribbean . As our performing corirer expanded so did our family. We began having children at a rate of one child every two too three years. As the children came, we found that our kids had performing talents. We would occasionally let our oldest kids sing a song or two for friends or tourists around the pool at some of the resorts Melody and I worked. We imagined our Family singing together some day as a band like The Jackson Family. In this musical environment, the Cagle kids learned to sing and groove at an early age and became quit talented.

While travelling and performing in Europe, we discovered we could street perform as a family. Street performing developed our skills as intertainers and in time we became a full band and began to perform on TV, Radio shows and screen performances. Today we have grown into The Cagle Family show troupe. All members sing, dance, and play musical instruments. With guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, and percussion instruments. We play a mixture of contemporary Pop, Latin, R&B, Reggae, Gospel and Hip Hop with a captivating narrative style.