Singing 2 Help

Cagle-Family-Banner Singing 2 HelpSinging 2 Help is our family project and mission, dedicated to helping to build a brighter future for people and families of our community  by providing  basic charitable  services and  initiatives to help those in need and  create leadership training and development counseling  that is self sustainable for anyone and everyone.

Goals and Objectives

We believe that music is a language that unites people of all cultures and nationalities, and when we come together in our hearts, minds and goals the possibilities for wonderful things to happen are endless. For this reason we partners with other organizations to develop exciting and innovative initiatives to fulfill the  needs of others. to come up with doable solutions that help eliminate problems  on both an individual  and group level.   We  whole heartily promote social,  educational practical and spiritual development for all ages. We believe that love and understanding can solve many of our problems and coupled with music you have an unbeatable foe.

Media_TCF with The Ghanain Ambassadore

Benefit Concert in London England


Having Fun With The Folks

Teaching Young Adults






Our Programs

We have children, young adults as well asprograms for the elderly that offer a wide range of activities that promote literacy,  cooperation, responsibility and are just plain fun in entertaining ways, such as storytelling, arts, crafts, writing, games, music parties and other social events. Our Leadership Counseling for youth offers participants an opportunity to learn how to find the resources to address personal, family, and community problems  that will help them for life..


Some of the inspirational materials we promote  and distribute include books,  magazines, audio CDS and educational entertainment DVDs for all ages. These and many more materials are available for purchase online at our online store: store

Along with the sales of our products,  we initiate and do  benefit concerts, hold seminars, and fund raiser programs of all kinds, In order to keep our work thriving and progressing.  We ask you to please invest in your future today by contributing to our work. As you know, when you give you get. Nature abhors a vacuum what you give out must be replaced. So it is true the more you give, the more you get and your giving multiples back to you in so many unexpected ways.  . This work would not be possible without the support of individuals like you. Help us make a difference. Contribute to our work.

 Examples of what your gift will do:

Covers technology costs of building our Web based TV  Show and personal blog that brings a thoughtful, important, and challenging voice to Christians and non believers in hope that they too may come to find Christ

 Supports us spreading of the Gospel. To show others God’s love and personal care for them.

Funds the creation of  complete downloadable training tools and Bible studies that will help make other teachers of teachers

 Helps us to write, publish and produce Godly media,  blog posts and more on a unique theme of interest to other youths and Christians .

Allows us to network nationally and internationally to produce  powerful music, movies. videos, seminars. and other forms of media to share the truth of His love with the world more than ever before

Pays for the creation, design, editing and broadcasting of a weekly digital show that will reach thousands globally.

We are The Cagle Family, an we are, SINGING 2 HELP.  Thank you.