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  We do our best to use your financial help wisely. With so many scams and fraudulent acts being committed daily, it is hard to give with confidence. But  we are very open about our finances and our missionary life. We live around many of you and you know how frugally we live.  We are not a monster organisation or have a Mega meeting hall with massive overheads , So 87% of the gifts we receive go to what it is given for.
    when you partner with us through your giving, we do an even better job of showing Gods love to others.  Especially to those in need of help. It is true. When you give you get.  Not always the way you think, but you can be assured God will more than repay you for your giving .  Thank you.

   Donation information 

    You Can Make a bank transfer through:

   Deutsche Bank  

   My Name:                  MONTE CAGLE

   Account Number:     8735797 00  

   IBAN:                         DE25 5327 0024 0873 5797 00

   Bank code:                53270024 

   BIC:                            DEUTDEDB518 


 Online Transfer 

      You can make an online transfer to us through Paypal, by clicking the button below.

We thank you for your giving.

    Sincerely yours 

     Monte Cagle.