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Hello  and welcome. I am Monte Cagle and I am…singing to help!

I am very happy to be in Europe, as it is a very exciting time for the continent if not for the whole world.  My Family and I often perform in all kinds of events and functions, but we take our humanitarian work very seriously and try to help others as much as we can in anyway possible, to show others there is a God out there that loves and cares for them personally.  Besides doing benefit concerts, visiting the sick, encouraging the lonely and forgotten, we try in our way to help the poor,  the needy and the  helpless.

We recently have been faced with the dilemma of  the many Refugees coming from Sub Sahara Africa fleeing poverty and war. We find ourselves often encouraging and helping  the many folks coming from the middle east as well. Some need a friend, a listening ear and in many cases a family as they have had to leave theirs behind in these war torn lands. This truly breaks our hearts, and we know how we would feel if we were in their shoes. So we try to do what we can to help. We also feel the need to do more. So we have started a clothing  drive to help those in need of clothes. We gather clothes and things to pass on to them. We also are setting up benefit concerts to help more. These are some of the projects Singing 2 Help is doing in Europe.

Please remember these people and remember us as in your prayers, and give what you can to help. You will never regret what you gave here for others while you were here on this earth.

See some of our  pictures below while at work..

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