Are you out of shape and keep promising yourself that you are going to start an exercise program someday ?Have you been putting on a lot of weight throughout the years that you see yourself as there’s just no hope and being out of shape and overweight comes and you just have to live with it? Are you using any of these excuses for being out of shape? Check off the ones you have been using or have thought off using, to explain why you are out off shape.—

I have a problem with my back.  —I just don’t have time.  —I’m not a teen anymore.  —My wife/husband/friend/ girlfriend likes me the way I am.      —I’ve been sick lately.   —I don’t like to get all sweaty. —I have a thyroid problem, my glands are messed up.  —My whole family is overweight.   —I want to lose some weight first, than start exercising. —I have arthritis.  —Rich people can spend a lot on looking good. —I don’t want all my fat to turn into muscle, as that is harder to lose than fat  —I have big bones. —I feel to weak to exercise. NO MORE EXCUSES. LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER TO GET IN SHAPE.   IF I CAN DO IT… YOU CAN TOO